Still feeling sick, but not as bad as yesterday, I still went to work. It’s hard to get someone to cover my shifts, so I tend to try to take one for the team. I was so miserable. I just wanted to go home and die. I just wanted some sleep and something to make the pain go away. ANYTHING!! I had a horrible headache, couldn’t keep anything down, my stomach was burning and I felt so week. Yesterday I left early so I could evacuate my stomach of it’s entire contents and today I am at work, standing for eight hours.

Luckily, my District Manager said I could take some longer breaks and more of them.

These are definitely the days when you wonder why you have to suffer so much. I’m tired of being sick all the time. I’m tired of worrying about my food and what I eat. I’m tired of wondering if I’ll get sick again. And I’m tired of wondering how I’ll get better, if I get better, and when it will be. People tell me how lucky I am that my stomach condition keeps me thin. I just want to tell them about the pain and suffering it causes me every day. But, I just smile and nod, shrug and repeat “lucky”.

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