You did what? WHERE!?!?

We decided to go out with friends after I got off work, since I’m starting to feel better. My stomach seems to have shrank and it’s still a little nauseated, but what can you do.

We all went to Chick and Ruth’s in Annapolis and had fun! Until the end…my boyfriend got a whiff of something not too pleasing. And then we all saw it. A lady was changing her child’s diaper less than five feet from us, at her table. If you’ve never been here, I should tell you it’s close quarters. It take testicular fortitude to pull that stunt. It was disgusting and we left shortly after.

I get it. You have a kid and there isn’t always a change table. But ANY place is better than the dining area of a restaurant, where people are eating! And, of course, they did it after they paid their check and before they left. *sigh* I miss Texas.

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