It’s here!

I LOVE tea! It tastes great and makes me feel great, almost instantly! I used to drink it, quite a bit and then I moved. After I moved, I couldn’t find a place that had the loose leaf teas I grew to love and I didn’t like settling for bagged leftovers they sell in boxes at grocery stores.

I found a deal with my USAA card that gave me 20% back from my purchase and decided to give it a shot. So, imagine how happy I was when I got home today and found a box with my name on it!


I felt like it was Christmas! I got a tea and a tumbler to send a friend, but opened the other packages as if I had ten seconds to live! They smelled so great and I got more and more excited!


I just had to try my new infuser and tea! I can easily say I wasn’t disappointed! The tea was great and the infuser looked so great! I feel like I’m sipping the nectar of the gods from a magical flask! 😉

Want to try it?
Here is the tea:

Here us the tumbler:

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