And Now I Own a Wolf…

Today, I decided to take an adventure into the world of science and statistics. I was at work and spied a slew of mystery boxes for Game of Thrones characters. After I looked at the back of the package, I thought about what the odds might be of getting the dragon or the wolf I wanted. Then, I thought, I wouldn’t even mind getting Daenarys or Khal Drogo. And now I own a wolf…


There were eleven boxes, at six dollars a piece, all mystery boxes.


These were the possible characters contained therein.


So I lined them up by what I assumed their sizes to be, since that seemed the logical distinction. I shook them and estimated their weights. The lighter, smaller ones went to the back and the larger, heavier ones went to the front.


I picked the first and the last as samples, to see if I was correct.


BAM! I think I was fairly accurate! And so, now the test! I wanted a dragon, so I tried to use the same methods to find one. Only, now I knew I could add for height, also!


FAIL!! Geoffrey is such a jerk! I don’t want that one! Maybe one more, just to see if that was a fair determinant of the “pass or fail” of it all.


AGAIN, FAIL!! I don’t even know who that is!!

Conclusion? Even when something is tested and true, that doesn’t make it absolute. There are people and situations that defy statistics and science, all the time! Usually, jerks and nobodys.  😉

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