People ask me all the time which movies I love, because I have seen so many. It’s never something I can do to choose just one favorite or even a favorite in each genre. There are different movies I love for different reasons.

Aaron Sorkin is my favorite writer, so pretty much anything he does is gold for me. My favorites are his TV shows. Of course, The West Wing is his most well known and The Newsroom is his most recent. But, I feel like I love Studio 60 just a tad more than the rest. That may change tomorrow.

I love Asian horror films and gore movies. Battle Royale and I Saw The Devil are the first that come to mind. But, if you liked the Ring movies, you should see the original Japanese versions. There are four or five.

I love comedies, and can never pick a few favorites. I love Hatari and The Quiet Man because of the classic comedy (and because John Wayne was better outside westerns, to me). I love Three Amigos and Ghostbusters (both) because of the nostalgia and place they hold in my heart.

My favorite Bond has always been Sean Connery. But, I thought Daniel Craig was a VERY close second. Since he is a pre-Bond Bond, it’s ok for me to like both.  😉

Have any other genres you want to ask me about?  🙂

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