Life Happens

My father and I have had a very complicated relationship, thanks to my stepmother. We stopped talking when I was seventeen and when we reconnected, he had to hide to talk to me. That was before he stopped talking to me all together. Now he is in the hospital.

So, what do I do? I was very happy living life without him in it. Honestly, when we were talking, it just made my life more frustrating. And I have a dad. My stepfather raised me from the day he married my mother. And I never thought of him as anything less than the best dad I could ask for. So, do I need to go see him? I really don’t want to, given my history with his wife and our long standing silence. But, I don’t want to regret it later, either.

So, I booked a ticket. I’ll only be there 24 hours, but think that is enough. I feel like this is a movie, but it’s less fun when it’s really your life and not just people pretending on a screen.

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