Tea Tumbler Reviews

I decided to try out my Kendall and Kendall Tea Tumbler today, since I got an email requesting feedback and a review. I had been using my Aquaovo Therm-O and was going to keep this as a spare, but figured why not?


This is the first tea tumbler I had, from Adagio Tea, called the activiTEA. It only holds ten ounces, but looks great and never gave me any problems. I don’t remember any debris or any problems with this tumbler, AT ALL! I just wanted something bigger. I drink a lot of tea through the day…ten ounces wouldn’t cut it. I ended up giving it to my boyfriend’s mom.

You can buy it here:


This is the Contigo West Loop and the Tea Infuser adapter for it. Thus baby carries 24 ounces!! I keeps tea, or coffee, very hot for a long time. And did I mention it holds twenty four ounces!?!? The drawbacks are that it isn’t as pretty as the glass tumblers, the adapter falls off occasionally and it’s a pain yo lug around if you’re not putting it in a bag. But like I said…24 oz.!!

You can buy it online or at Target:

But, the adapter is sold out online, I got mine at Best Buy:


This is the Fuguang 20 oz tumbler. I used it for a day and it shattered. No review, because I didn’t get much time to try it out. But, I think this says enough…

This is where it’s at, but I would avoid it like the plague:


This is the Aquaovo Therm-O. I LOVE this tumbler! The mesh is thin-holed and snug against the tumbler. I put the tea and rock sugar in, place the infuser in and then purchased the boiling water. I tried putting everything on top of the strainer, initially, because that was how my Adagio infuser worked. This one doesn’t work as well that way. There is minimal debris that gets through the mesh, but some just the same. That never bothers me. It also golds 16 oz., which is great!

I got it on Amazon, but you can buy it from them, in different colors and read about their warranty:


Last, but not least, this is the Kendall and Kendall tea tumbler. The mesh is great and it has a mesh basket, so you can use both or just the mesh insert. It holds a little over fifteen ounces, which isn’t a huge difference and has a beautiful bamboo lid! There is less debris in the tea, but like I said…that doesn’t really bother me.

Here is where to get it:

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