Whisper Dragon Pearl -Craft of Tea

I was asked to post me review of this tea, since I forgot to when I got it a couple of weeks ago. Sorry!!  😦

I really love Black Dragon Pearls and I think Whisper Dragon Pearl is a great name for this one. It is a softer, more subtle tea with all the greatness that black tea lovers look for. The first three words that came to mind upon first sip were earthy, light and calming. Light is definitely an on going theme with this tea, so “whisper” is easily understood!

It is lightly brisk, with a good body. It is not overwhelming or incredibly robust, has a soft aroma, the leaves show quality and the liquor has a beautiful color!

I like my teas a little stronger, but I’ll definitely keep this around for those lighter days!

Want to try it? I got a smaller size (2 oz) on Amazon! Give it a whirl:

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