Butterfly Pea Tea

I was very excited to try this tea! No sweetener and no blend, I steeped it pure and wanted to see how it stood alone.


Everything about this tea screams peas! The taste has an umami pea taste, the hot smell is of peas (so is the cold smell), even the immediate smell when you open the bag is a rush of peas.


The liquor is a light bodied one, beautiful and vibrant royal blue. So is the color of the flower, itself. There is nothing overwhelming about this tea and it begs to be drank some more. I only used about six or seven flowers and got a very even representative of the color and taste of this tea.


The flowers I got lost a bit of integrity and were more scrunched and mushy than I had hoped for. While the colors were nice, it was just short of the strength I like in my components. After the steep, it almost reminded me of an over washed sweater. I know they lose a but of color to the liquor, but this felt more like the flowers had almost faded in color and life.

I liked the tea and think it is beautiful and a nice subtle taste! If you are going to try this tea, I would recommend getting a close look at the flowers, first. I saw photos, but long range pictures that weren’t very clear. Don’t make that mistake. But, try this tea if you can!  🙂

I bought it here, for five dollars (50g)! The shipping was free, because I didn’t mind waiting about ten days. 🙂

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