Concept for All Tumbler

I received this tumbler and was anxious to see how well it did, because I had seen it on Amazon!


The tumbler is pretty good…I just think it could have been a little better.

When I received it, there were a couple of small chips and cracks, probably from shipping (so be aware that might be a possibility). There were also a couple gashes on the infuser.




I liked that the plastic ring was around the infuser and not the lid.


Usually this ring prevents leaking and is on the lid. And if you think about using any of these tumblers without it, don’t. I forgot mine once…on my Kendall (which is a great tumbler). BIG mistake!

It comes with a lid for the top, which is similar to any water bottle lid, as is the shape of the bottle (part of the reason I thought it was so cute!) and one for the bottom, which goes over the infuser. You can pour the steeping water through either end, once the tea is in. The bottle isn’t double walled, so you have a few seconds before the bottle heats up (with those chips and the crack, I was a little scared,  but it held up!), but it has a carrier you can put it in.

The carrier is a little tricky with one hand, because it is so flimsy and you almost have to stretch it around the bottle. But, you can’t put it in the carrier first, unless you fill it from the smaller opening on the top.

All and all, it was ok. It wasn’t a great tumbler, but it got the job done and I got a little attention when I took it out and about. Over steeping is a concern, but if you don’t care about that or have a place to take out the basket and set it, it isn’t so bad a bottle. But, really, in that case, you could just use any water bottle!  😉

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