Tryeh Tumbler

This is a beautiful tumbler!!


I love the plastic in the lid. I think it goes great with the double walled glass!/This is the only tumbler I have see. With no plastic components.

The only drawback I see would be that the basket has no lid. If it were a two piece with a lid and a basket, it would be easier to take out after infusion, if you chose to, while you were out and about. But as I understand from the company, you are meant to put the tea under the basket and filter that way.

I think this is a great tumbler and definitely a beauty! I just think that, functionally, the lid was a bit of a deal breaker for me. I thought to check if the Kendall and Kendall lid would fit, but haven’t tested it yet. It’s just a lot of trouble to go through. But, it is nice to peek through the lid and see the beauty of your tea steeping!! 😀

Here is where you’ll find it!

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