What’s in my bag…

I get asked a lot what I carry, since a lot of what I do is while I’m out and about. So, here it is!


My “mobile office” is my Nine West bag ($20 on Posh), my Galaxy S6, my wallet (which is the black leather envelope, $10 on Posh), my battery bank (9000 mAh), my external drive (2tb), my Dell XPS 1330 (LOVE this laptop!!!), a Sharpie Pen and a thin tip Sharpie Marker (both are great, but write differently!), my tea spoon, Matcha (my tea pet), a hair elastic, a spare USB thumbdrive, roll on perfume (Citron de Vigne, by Fresh), disposable chopsticks, Sephora mascara, NYX lip gloss and a packet of soy sauce…because sometimes food doesn’t taste how you want it to.


My “Night out” bag is a beautiful Italian Leather structured bag I got o. Posh for ten dollars. Yes, ten dollars!! Inside, I carry headphones (for calls, but sometimes music), My red Chanel lipstick and matching liner, Sephora mascara and my LG G Tab. I get the sample  size mascaras, so I can have one in each bag…they are about five dollars a piece. I love the Chanel lipstick but, honestly, It would look the same if it were the same shade from another brand. And, of course, my wallet!!  🙂

And if you are looking for any of these items, look in my “Things I Heart” tab or email me!!  🙂

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