Libre Tea Tumbler

This one is definitely my favorite!!

 opened the box and the first think I saw was the extra ring. Score!! I haven’t ever needed an extra, but love that if I ever did, I have one and didn’t have to buy it! I love this color, also!

Now, this tumbler isn’t glass or metal (unless you count the infuser mesh). But, I think it is really cute and…even better…the best when it comes to functionality. The plastic makes it a little less worrisome when you start to factor in carrying it around all day. I am a total klutz and love tumblers, but worry about breakage. With this and the Teas Etc tumbler, I worry a little less. just a little.

This tumbler has the middle infuser, just like the Teas Etc. tumbler, but this one has a flat lid. As minor a detail as this might seem, it gives more options when steeping your tea. My favorite way is to put my tea on the mesh, so that it is locked between the infuser and the lid. This way, I can turn it upside down to steep and place it right side up to let the infuser drain out the tea. Then, I just remove the top two pieces (infuser and lid) as one piece and don’t have to worry about where I am going to put my tea until the next infusion.

All of the pieces are plastic, so if you’re more glass and metal; you’re not going to like this one. There is glass on the inside, but most glass fans want all glass, everywhere. It is a little lighter and makes it a little less wrecking on the nerves. I personally think it’s cute and am going to make this my daily carry! I love the steep control, I love that I can get about fifteen ounces in it and I love that the mesh is concave, allowing the tea to drip down at an angle while I am waiting for my tea to cool a little (or just waiting so I don’t make as much of a mess).

If you want to watch the video of how this tumbler works, here it is:

And you can buy one here (I would recommend the larger one!!):

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    1. Julie Jones says:

      Thank you, so much!! 🙂


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