Marzipan Rooibos

I recieved this from a co-worker who said it was her favorite and offered me her entire bag! I just took a couple of teaspoons and gave it back to her…I can’t take someone’s favorite stock from them!

The dry leaves give a light hazelnut smell that is gently sweet. There is a slight sheen on the leaves and there is an even distribution of particulate between them and the other components (nuts, etc).

The hot leaves smell sweet, like a slightly spicy vanilla and they maintain well after the steep.

The liquor is a beautiful amberish red, with a liquorice aroma that is a bit smokey. It has a liquorice taste with a slightly nutmeg undertone.

Ultimately, I wasn’t a fan of this tea. I am not sure if it is because of the Rooibos or the blend. But, when I drank it, I remembered taking shots of Captain Morgan with friends…it had a similar strength to it. I wouldn’t buy this tea, but I can see where some others might like it.

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