Faerie’s Finest Dragon Pearls

Another tea from @liquidproust! This guy has the best teas and loves to share them!!

The dry leaves smell like sawdust (in a good way!) with grassy undertones. There is a slight sheen and the gold leaves have a beautiful iridescent shine. The balls are tightly woven and contain leaves that are uniform, both in the roll and actual leaves. The smell is fresh and sharp! The smell is a formal invitation to take a sip and one that is hard to resist!

The wet leaves smell like smokey bark and are very strong after the first steep. They are varying in the colors, but all seem like shades of chocolate!

The liquor is a deep chocolate, but thin with an amber glow. There is a VERY light cedar aroma and that quintessential “tea” smell that we all know and love! It has a somewhat cedar taste with a maple finish and begs to be drank.

I love dragon pear teas and this is no exception. I could drink this often and in mass quantities. It is a great quality tea and has a great taste!

This tea is showing currently unavailable, but I found some on BizRate:

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