Serenity, Tea LC

This tea is easily the best representation of Chamomile teas I can think of.

The buds are beautiful and young. When you open the package, it smells like a lightly aromatic strawberry cheesecake.

The hot smell is the signature Chamomile  smell you look for.

The liquor is a bright yellow, with a flowery and sultry taste with a flowery aroma. It has a light body and is very comforting as a drink. This is a liquid hug in a cup!

This will be what I think of when I think of Chamomile teas! I’m not usually fond of them, but this one was light and relaxing. It made me feel like I should be wrapped in a blanket, on a porch, in the misty mountains, reading poetry. Try finding that in a cup, anywhere else!

Get it here!
SERENITY | Organic Egyptian Chamomile Herbal Tea

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