Check Amazon…for Fashion??

Yep! Amazon has some great clothes! You will want to know your measurements and read descriptions (some sizes run a bit small), but it’s worth it! You can get some great clothes and accessories pretty cheap, it unless you’re concerned with name brand. Me? I don’t care as long as it doesn’t cost a lot and it looks good!



These are all items on Poshmark. The app is great, if you want name brands and cheap! But, these aren’t name brand items. Also, these aren’t good prices!



The price on the first bag isn’t a huge difference, until you factor in the shipping ($4.99). These items have free shipping with Amazon. The second bag is a much better deal!

I love shopping on Amazon and check them for everything, first. They won’t always have the best price, but they also give you a good idea of the quality of the product, so checking first is always a good idea. Like I tell everyone, check how well it’s rated and by how many people! A few people are bound to dislike products, but a lot of people loving something enough to rate it so…that says something.

Happy shopping!  🙂

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