Lapsang Souchong- Mikuniya Zengoro

I’ve heard a lot about this tea and was very excited to try it!

The dry leaves almost smell like rubber, but in a lighter and subtle way. They have a smokey tar smell. The leaves are a black color, even in size and color (brown, deep and dark, almost black).


The Liquor is a golden brown color, with a burned and smokey aroma. There is a smokey taste wot a light body and no aftertaste. However, there is a smokey air left to the palate. The aroma and residual air are almost the perfume of the tea.

The hot leaves are a chocolate color, strong and still tight and crisp after the steep. It retains the smokey tar smell it had before steep, when dry.


Overall, this tea was pretty good! i would drink it again, but not purchase for myself. I would consider purchasing it for someone else (as a gift or for a tea date) and would drink it if asked.

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