Iron Buddah, Simply Good Tea

I received this tea and the tumbler in a pack from Simply Good Tea and couldn’t wait to try it! I have heard such wonderful things about the tea and the customer service was top notch!
The dry leaves had a fresh, grassy, spinachy smell. The leaves were a vibrant green and even in color and size.

n the spirit of the Explorer Pack I received, I steeped my tea in the provided tumbler. The design is one that I am familiar with and love! It is very similar to the Adagio Teas tumbler I fell in love with, so long ago. However, this one isn’t glass. You can still see your tea and enjoy it’s beauty. But, if you’re a klutz like me, you can appreciate something sturdy enough to last. I thought it was great!
he wet leaves have a spinachy smell with a slightly mossy and slightly roasted air. They are deep green with brown highlights and beautiful! They also appear to be quality leaves that are strong and can stand at least two or three steeps.

he liquor is a light yellowish green with a spinachy smell. It has a sweet and spinach like taste with no aroma. The sweet taste lingers, but not for long.

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