Kenyan Black Tea, Ajiri Tea

I have to admit that after my Rooibos adventures, I am a little hesitant about this one. But, here it goes…


The dry leaves have no real smell, but a slightly coffee like air to them. They are even in size and color throughout. It’s a dark chocolate brown and has minimal highlights. They are so finely ground and light, that they are a bit messy, so if you try them…be prepared!


The liquor is a reddish brown and a lightly woody aroma. It has a medium body, a tight woody flavor and is very dry with no aftertaste. The components slip through and into your cup, unless you use a tight strainer. But, they sink and stay at the bottom, very quickly. I didn’t find them to be a hassle at all!


The dry leaves are a light chocolate color with no real aroma. I’m not sure about the leaf strength, but if you can wrangle them I think they would stand another infusion.

Overall, the Tea was OK. I would drink it again, maybe buy it if the mood struck. I would definitely say try it and see if you’ll like it. 

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