Golden Star (Sencha), Onyx London

he dry leaves smell like grass and pineapples. There are a lot of components and it is almost overwhelming. Almost. There are beautiful colors from the flowers, fruits, and leaves. I got one large chunk of some sort of core and threw it out (wasn’t sure if it would make the tea better).

he wet leaves have a sharp forest floor smell. They are strong leaves with a beautiful deep green color and the components add highlights of red. When the mixture was dry, the components seemed overwhelming, but when the wet leaves expand, it is clear they run the show. They clearly dominate the infusion.

he liquor is a sunflower yellow with highlights of green and red at the bottom. It smells like pineapple and has a similar taste. The components add a sultry sweet taste to the green tea. But, they are evenly balanced.

verall, this is a balanced tea that covers the sharp aftertaste of green tea. But, it just fell short for me. It was a beautiful tea, but I wouldn’t drink or buy it again. But, if you are a fan of green tea blends, it’s worth a try!

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