Silver Needle, Simply Good Tea

I have never been fond of white teas, but don’t mind them. However, I had heard a lot about Silver Needle teas, so I was fairly excited about this one!
he dry leaves have an almost tobacco air on the grassy smell. There is a beautiful silver-green fur on the leaves, which appear to be great quality. They vary slightly in size and shape.

he wet leaves have a mossy smell and grayish green color. They are still strong and seem to be able to stand another couple of infusions.

he liquor has a very light body with a faint yellow color. There is a slight minty facet to a sultry taste that has no aftertaste and is not astringent at all.

Overall, though I am generally not fond of white teas, I would buy this tea! i would definitely drink and recommend it!

This is where you can get it!

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