Wish Upon A Star, Tea LC

he dry leaves smelled very rosy with a light citrus air. The size and color of the leaves is even and so was the distribution of components among leaves. It’s definitely nice to look at!

he wet leaves smell like peas, in a sweet vegetable sort of way. They are olive green and the roses and oranges offer a nice accent. The leaves are strong and would stand another infusion, maybe two.

he liquor is a very faint golden brown with a slightly rosy air. The taste is of roses and the citrus is almost absent, but there. There isn’t much aftertaste and it is slightly astringent.

verall, I wouldn’t buy it. But, I would drink it and recommend it to herbal lovers. Especially if they don’t like green tea, but want to transition.

This is where you can try it!
WISH UPON A STAR | Organic Green Tea

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