2014 Bingdao Laozhai Hiangpian, Wymm Tea


The dry leaves smell like wood and there are small variations in color and sizes, but all look like great leaves! It came already separated, and I can see all of the folds and twists.

ith Pu-erh teas, you want to rinse before you steep. I gave this one a couple of quick washes before letting her sit the third time.

he wet leaves have an extremely light leather smell. They are shades of olive and brown and really easy on the eyes! I would imagine, with the strength, they would last another two infusions, at least.

he liquor was a very light golden brown color, which was different from what I was expecting. However, after conferring with other tea lovers, I understood that this was the color and it wasn’t a steeping error. There is an earthy taste that is slightly astringent. It made me think of mushrooms and that it might be great for people who don’t like mushrooms themselves. Pairing it with something that needs that mushroom taste seems like it would compensate for that.

verall, I loved it! This was my first Pu-erh and I thought it was great! I have to admit, I was a little scared. I had heard how the steep was different, but it was much worse in my head. I would definitely recommend, buy and drink this again!

You should try it! Here is the link:

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