Best Zest, Tea LC

he dry leaves have a lemon and ginger smell. The components are small and even in size and color. The blend is even and no one thing is overwhelming.

he wet leaves have a very lemony (ALMOST Pine Sol) smell that isn’t obnoxious at all, but definitely adamant. The components are strong, the colors are brighter and the leaves are strong!

he liquor has a smell that reminds me of lemon bars. The lemon and ginger balance the taste very well. There is no aftertaste and it is not astringent at all. The body is light and the taste is very pure and succinct.

verall, I loved it!! I am not a fan of ginger, at all. However, the lemon balanced it out just enough that I barely remembered it was there and when I remembered, I recognized it. This is very easy to drink regardless of taste and it is light enough to offer versatility for any occasion! I would recommend, buy and drink it again!!

You can get your own, here!
BEST ZEST | Organic Lemon Ginger Tulsi Herbal Tea

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