Walnut St. Tea Co. Gunpowder


The dry leaves have a cinnamon and sawdust smell. They are a greyish green color throughout and all the same size. It is a bit hard to distinguish the colds and twists. Also, in a moment of brilliance, I forgot to take a picture of them.  :/

The wet leaves have a mossy smell and a deep green color. They would last at least another couple of infusions, the leaves are strong.

The liquor is a golden yellow. There is a slightly smokey air on a slightly seaweed taste that is a bit dry. There is a little astringency, but it is very quick and there is no aftertaste.

Overall, it was ok. I wouldn’t buy it. But, I would drink it or recommend that anyone interested try it.  Here is the link to Walnut St. Tea Co.’s FB page (I couldn’t find a site or link for sale):

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