Blackberry Sage Keemun, Liquid Proust Teas

he dry leaves smell amazing!! The blackberry smell with sage undertones really works! The leaves contrast well with the components, which are great color and size. The distribution is even and doesn’t seem to overwhelm at all. (unfortunately, I was so excited, I forgot to take a picture of them. But, it’s an excuse to purchase more!!)

The wet leaves have an earthy blueberry smell. The chocolate color of the leaves has some olive green highlights from other components. The leaves appear very strong and very healthy.

he liquor has a caramel color and a light blueberry air. The taste is like a light blueberry, with a slight aftertaste. The tea isn’t astringent at all and has a medium body.

verall, I love it!! I would buy, drink and recommend this tea for any occasion!

You can purchase this and other blends here:

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