Lychee Black, Tao of Tea

he dry leaves are black and even in color and size. They have a slightly sweet air.

he wet leaves are slightly sweet with a lotus/lychee smell. They are a dark brown color with strong leaves that could maybe last another couple of infusions.

he liquor is a deep caramel color, with a light lychee air. It has a sweet taste and is not astringent at all. There is a VERY light sawdust flavor under it all.

verall, it was great! I would drink it again, but wouldn’t buy. I have recommended this to teabag drinkers, as an enticing transition to whole leaves. While I enjoyed this tea, it was a tad sweeter than I would like. So, if you don’t like sugar in your tea, I wouldn’t recommend it. That is, unless you like your tea very sweet, still.

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