Stupid Stomach

In 2005 I started getting really sick and could never figure out why. I was always throwing up right after I ate, getting migraines and weak. I started eating certain foods and not eating others, finding I got sick less. But, I would get sick when I ate things like bread, potatoes or rice. I thought this was weird and my parents thought I just went on a diet. I went to see a doctor in 2006 and she said that she wasn’t sure what was wring with my stomach and I should see a GI doctor. He told me to have some tests done and afterwards, said nothing was wrong with me.

I saw eight doctors, all telling me there was nothing they could do. That nothing was wrong. That it was just in my head. I finally saw a GI doctor who took time to ask me about my eating habits and get down to what I could and couldn’t eat, what would happen when I got sick and if I only got suck when I ate. After more tests and trying some medications, we found that it was IBS. My stomach’s structure was perfect, it just didn’t know how to function. By this time, I had lost more foods on the list of what I can eat. But, the meds made me feel less nauseous and helped prevent some of the pain.

So, there it is. I have IBS. I don’t get bloated when I eat certain foods, I get migraines and vomit. I’m not in a diet, I have a condition. I’m not picky, I’m healing. I don’t get offended and I try to be as nice about my food as I can, but sometimes the person on the other end doesn’t allow that. I get a lot a lot of rolled eyes and “can’t you just” or “why don’t you just”. I like this far less than you do. Please just make my life a little easier. You’re right, it does suck that I can’t eat this or have to substitute for that! Make my life a little easier and work with me. If I can put up with your rudeness, you can put up with my food restrictions.

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