I’m not a huge fan of Teavana. I prefer to buy my tea online, from it’s country or a company that buys from the seller. I also like trying different teas from different sites, so I can find someone I trust and buy from them continuously. There used to be a tea shop twenty minutes from my house, when I lived in Texas (many years ago) and even when I moved (still in Texas), there were plenty of places to buy tea that I felt like I could trust. A few of those have closed since then.

Being in a new area, I didn’t know where to go. Since there is a Teavana, almost everywhere, I went to check it out. It was busy, but I got a few things and then left.


I love this rock sugar! Not overwhelmingly sweet and you don’t have to use a ton! It works great with different varieties of teas! I would pick this up if you’re thinking about trying it!


I bought this 2 oz macaroon, but am not sure I needed it. It’s a bit bigger than I would have liked, since it was meant to carry tea in my bag. But, I figured I would try it. Honestly, I would have done better to carry my tea in a plastic bag. But, the hard shell DOES keep it from getting crushed…


I got 4 ozs of Golden Monkey, which I was told was amazing. I tried it and thought it was ok. But, I liked the Black Dragon Pearls I got from Adagio a little better.

Teavana also doesn’t let you do single ounces to try, I was told. Eh…I’ll get my tea online.

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