I Heart Tea!! And Steepster!! ;)

I really love tea! Having IBS, when I find something I can eat and love, it goes into my vault of gotta haves! Tea makes my stomach feel great and I love the taste, so it’s a win-win! There is so much to learn in the world of tea! I knew a little, but am still incredibly new to so much of it. So, imagine how happy I was to find Steepster.com!

On the site, you can read reviews of teas, get discounts, learn and just talk to people who love tea! I initiated a couple forums and found everyone nice and very helpful! If you like tea, it’s definitely a great resource! I recommend it to everyone who loves tea and would like to learn more or just find like minded people!!

I haven’t made any friends since I moved, but don’t feel like I really need them. On Steepster I can communicate with people who love what I love and I don’t feel obligated to take calls or meet some place that might be farther than I want to drive. I appreciate all of those people and definitely value their opinions and experiences. I can’t say enough about the site and how happy I am to have found it!!

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