Puerh, Ripe Vs. Raw

I get questions about Raw and Ripe Puerh…the biggest being the difference.

The difference is in the Piling process. Raw Puerh doesn’t have one. Ripe Puerh does. Some Ripe Puerh is cooked to speed the process. Ripe Puerh has a bolder, thicker, earthier and more mellow flavor. Raw Puerh usually has a fresh and sweet taste. You want to make sure you rinse before drinking. This is usually a very short steep (some recommend only a few seconds, some say ten tops, some say fifteen). Ripe Puerh should rinse twice and Raw only needs one.

There is plenty of information online, I liked Teavivre’s links:


But, I have also found great information in chats. I ask tea friends for advice (if you’ve seen my instagram, you know) and check out the chats every now and then.

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