Tea Tox, Detox

I see a lot of detox teas and have been asked what I thought about them by a few people here and there. And my answer is always the same. You might as well be drinking water.

Yes, tea tastes great and I love it! No, there is no magic liquid that will help you lose weight or detox while you continue a regular diet. There are teas that can be used as laxatives, there are teas that will aid in digestion and there are teas that will help speed your metabolism (usually with caffeine). None of these are going to be any more your solution than working out or watching what you eat.

Most detox teas want you to drink as much of it a day as possible. If you compared that to drinking the same amount of water, you would get the same results. They usually say “Drink it when you wake up, before and after you eat and then before you go to sleep”. All you’re doing is hydrating your body and filling your stomach with water. You’re going to eat less, because you’re so full of liquid and you’re going to lose weight. Whether it is the herbal tea they give you or water, it will pretty much be the same.

My advice? Drink tea because you like it! If you want to lose weight, workout and eat healthy. Also, water is cheaper. Trust the chick with a tea habit you would fear.

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