Never Forget

They are two words you will hear a lot today. Can any American really forget that day? Most people that were aware that day will remember, American or not. It breaks the heart to think of how many people died that day. And for what? Nothing. A tragedy happened that can never be repaired. It left a void that we can never fill. Not with memorials or museums. Not with charities or rallies. We hashtag and scream “Never forget”, but how often do we take time to remember those lost? The rest of the year is about everything else. One day to remember?

I tend to be different from most people. So, i think differently. I think about people I’ve lost, tragedies I’ve witnessed or read about. I think of them pretty often. Every day I make an effort to show my boyfriend and my parents that I love them. Every day I try to make sure that if I died the next day, I would have nothing left undone and everyone would know how much I loved them. EVERY day. My dad was a veteran and a POW. I don’t need a day to appreciate him. My mother labored to bring me into this world, I don’t need a day to recognize that.

I don’t need a day to remember those who died or that there is tragedy in the world. And I definitely don’t need it for you to remind me it happened. Most of all, I don’t need politicians using that date as an unlimited punch card they can pull during every debate and election. It isn’t a pass for you to be a bigot. There are lives that were lost. People with souls and families. Stop blaming a religion for the act of extremists. They were no more Muslims than the KKK is Christian. Politicians: get over it. It happened and you can’t cash in on it, anymore. You couldn’t have prevented it, even if you knew about it.

We should be realistic about this event. It was a horrible traviste that shook the world and scarred our nation. We’ll never recover from it or forget it. We’ll always have a space in our hearts for that day. I’m just saying that instead of remembering one day a year, maybe we should appreciate more often.

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