Sei Sei Tumbler

Here it is!! The Sei Sei Tumbler is new on the scene and a beauty!

t comes with a great sleeve, in case it is still steeping when you need to carry it.

ot that it really matters, because it is double walled glass. The components are great quality, sturdy and durable. The steel doesn’t seem to waiver and the wood on the lid seems like it wouldn’t warp or let loose anytime soon or without abuse. The infuser does have a lid, which I like. So, you can use the basket or not. You can use the infuser lid with the basket or not, but best of all, it makes it easier to remove the steep and save it for later. Placing it on the lid is a pretty good idea.

ike most tea tumblers, this one has a plastic ring in the lid, to prevent leaking. You always want to make sure to remember to put it back in (voice of experience, it’s not a pretty sight)

t’s a little wider than the Kendall and Kendall I reviewed before, but it is also shorter. I’m sure it holds about the same amount of tea.


Overall, this is a great tumbler!! It’s nice to look at and it definitely performs well! I prefer my Libre, but that is just a style preference. This is a very close second!

You can buy it here (There are other reviews you can read, too! It’s highly rated!):

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