Android vs. Apple

I get asked a lot which is the better OS and which devices are better. I tell everyone that it really depends on what you want your phone to do. And in that, are you more software or more hardware focused? Generally, Androids are better on a hardware level and Apples are better on a software level. Generally. But, here are some things to think about:

  1. The Samsung Galaxy S6 costs more to make ( The phones are similar, since Samsung changed the design. Neither has expandable memory, both share a sleek and slim design and they have similar outter materials. However, the S6 has a solid state drive. This is the reason that Samsung did away with expandable memory…the octacore processor runs more efficiently without the distraction of an SD. Apple did it because they want you to pay more for higher capacity and upgrade sooner.
  2. The iphone has better security, but not by a lot. There is a reason the President uses an iphone. But, that doesn’t mean that it is the most secure device. Know that anyone at that high of a level has a modified phone with certain security features that are put on there by people with security and development knowledge. There have been iphone breaches since as far back as 2010 ( and while the patches roll out (Think of all the updates you get. They aren’t all OS updates.), they don’t know there is a hole until it leaks.
  3. They are about the same if you only use major functions. I laugh when people ask me which is better. Because my next questions are how much they use their phones and what for. I hear a lot of “Talking, texting and internet…maybe Facebook. Not a ton of stuff, but I want reliability.” Well, All phones have those basic functions. They are all similarly easy to use. As for reliability, that is up to your carrier.

So, what do I have? A Samsung Galaxy S6. i had never had a problem with capacity and didn’t want to start, so I got the 128g. I doubt I’ll ever need that much space, but better safe than sorry. My work phone is an LG G3. I love that phone, too! LG is a great brand that is coming on the rise. I think that it’s just as good as Samsung, but it doesn’t have the visibility they do. In Korea, LG is everywhere. We’re just realizing what they are capable of.

Ultimately, it’s all the same. Go with what feels more comfortable for you. But, know that if you choose Apple, I might like you a tad less. But, only a smidge.   😉

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