Camellia’s Soul

I remember watching an episode of No Reservations where Anthony Bourdain spoke about (and showed) Feran Adria at El Buli. They spoke about Gastronemy and documenting the things they were doing and I thought it was all very captivating. I can watch that episode over and over again! One thing that stuck with me was when he mentioned a pine tree. They used the essence or oil of the tree, the seeds, the bark, the pines- the whole tree- and made a “seed” of it. He said it is basically a tree in your mouth. All of the tree is there. And that was what I wished I could do with tea. So, here is my attempt. (A VERY amateur one)





I used:

1/2 tsp Kukicha Twig Tea
1/2 tsp Wild Bohea
1 tsp    Camellia Blossoms


The dry leaves smell sweet and the tan twigs look great with the cream blossoms and black leaves!


The wet leaves look strong, but the steep isn’t a pretty one. The leaves look strong and are a deep dark green color. The twigs are black and the blossoms are a beautiful eggshell color. The petals are very delicate and were a bit annoying in the steep.


The liquor is a deep caramel color and has a woody sweet smell that is almost mahogany. There is a sultry umami taste, that almost reminds me of broth. There is a woody and sawdust aftertaste. There is a very slight astringency and a very slight and fleeting sweetness.

Overall, it needs work. I liked the taste, but I feel like if a professional had balanced and blended it, it might have gone a bit better. Maybe I’ll try again another day…

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