Liquid Proust French Toast Dian Hong


The dry leaves smell like Dian Hong and vanilla! Simple enough! The Tea is in a beautiful tight ball. All twist and folds are clear and it has a great sheen!


The wet leaves smell like a floral perfume! They are chocolate in color and strong enough for at least another couple of infusions.


The liquor is a caramel color. It has the woody, sawdust taste of the Dian Hong, but a little sweeter. It is a VERY light custard taste that isn’t overwhelmingly sweet.


Overall, it was great!! I was afraid it might be overly sweet when I ordered it, but was happily surprised! I don’t like sugar in my Tea or for it to be overly sweet, so this was perfect! I’m not quite sure if it was a French Toast taste, but I definitely LOVED it and it is definitely one of my favorites! I would buy, recommend and drink over and over. Here is where you can get it:

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