Dilmah Rose with French Vanilla

he dry leaves are black and smell like roses. The smell is pretty strong. They are all the same size through out, which isn’t very large.

he wet leaves have a light rose and leaf smell. They are chocolate brown in color. They could stand another couple of infusions, maybe. With the small size of the leaves and the change in the first steep, I would say two would be the best you could get with proper taste.

he liquor has a rose air to it. It is a bit astringent and dry. There is no vanilla taste, but a rose air in your mouth after the sip. The taste is a bit like a subdued sawdust.

verall, ok. It is a bit astringent and doesn’t live up to the expectations of vanilla and rose. I was a bit disappointed. But, other than that…it wasn’t horrible as a tea. I would drink it, but not buy or recommend.

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