Tao Tea Leaf Tangerine Ginger

This herbal blend has a tangerine air but the ginger sings in the smell. There is a common ground between them that is strong. There is a good contrast of the components. The colors and the components themselves are balanced in the blend.

he wet components smell like pungent potpurri, while steeping and after the pour. It smells a bit like beets and is a similar color. It is messy, so if you try it take caution. I’m not sure about how many infusions it would take, but most likely this is the only one.

he liquor is a red wine color and very opaque. It has a VERY tart taste, so remember that on your first sip. It is not astringent or dry and I am not quite able to identify the taste, except to say I wasn’t fond of it.

verall, I wasn’t a fan. I will not buy, drink or recommend this tea.

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