Republic of Tea Madder Hatter

I’m not usually fond of teabags, but thought I would give this a shot. My inclination for Alice themed things and the Republic of Tea name gave me some hope. The bag smells like light blueberry, but it is fleeting. The bag is listed as unbleached and it is discolored, as I would expect, as a result.

he tea itself has a blueberry undertone and what smells like maybe sencha. It looks like olive green mud and no better than Lipton. It appears to be just fannings and dust.

he liquor is yellow with a very light blueberry air. It tastes a bit of blueberry and I can get a small hint of the green tea.

verall, not bad. I’m not a fan, but it tastes better than some. I wouldn’t buy, but maybe drink or recommend.

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