Chinriu Honten Pickled Sakura Blossoms

I have heard about pickled Sakura blossoms, as a tea alone and with Japanese green teas, and was always intrigued. So, I HAD to try it!


This is the packaging inside the wrapper. I don’t know why, but I get so excited when I see things that are supposed to be foreign and I can’t read anything on it. I guess it feels more authentic to me.

The dry blossoms are deep pink in color and stuck together. They smell sweet, but not in a floral way. More like a soft perfume. They are very delicate.

I rinsed the blossoms, so there was less salt. As you can see through the packaging, they were coated in an abundance of it! I rinsed them very carefully and a few times. You can really tell how delicate they are and must have been when plucked.

After I dried them, I let them sit for a few seconds and then put them in the mug. I then poured in the 175 degree water and watched as this magic happened!

I took so man pictures, but there was nothing to show how beautiful they were!! The liquor tastes a tad salty, of course. But, the blossoms provide a nice aftertaste. It felt like there was a soft perfume in the back of my mouth!! It BARELY has any color, but what is there is a light pink tint.

They were just as beautiful when still wet and being displayed! The stems are pretty strong, but delicate. The petals feel VERY fragile, but seem to be holding up well. Only a few came off (maybe four!), I was very impressed! They are a pale pink in color, with brown stems, and smell sweet!!


Overall, it was good!! I would buy, drink and recommend this Tea! It would be great with a Japanese Tea, too!
Get it here!

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