Eco Heed Matcha, Zoe and Chloe Bamboo Tea Gift Set

I’m always envious when I see people with matching pictures. Sipping their matchas, talking about how great their matchas is…maycha, matcha, matcha! So, here is my first attempt!


I purchased this matcha on Amazon.  As I said before: for some reason, when things are in foreign languages they feel more authentic to me. So, I love that this package has Japanese on it.


I also bought this set on Amazon!


This is what is in the box.


This is what is in the case.


And the items unwarapped.



I used the hooked scoop to take a bit of Match a and put it in the cup. It had that chlorophyll green smell that Matcha is known for and a beautiful bright green color! It is very fine and the powder gets everywhere,  because of that. So, be careful.


I put in 190 degree water and immediately whisked it. Just as a side note. I tried it with a fork, first (I wanted to see how much of a difference it would make). Big difference.  With the whisk it frothed much faster! It still has that green leaf Match a smell and that beautiful green color in the froth. But, the liquor itself is a deeper green. It tastes like it smells. There is no aftertaste and it isn’t chalky, like you might think it would. It is silky and smooth, with a green leafy taste.

Overall, I liked it! I’m no Match a expert, but I thought it was good! I definitely liked the bamboo tea set!

This is where you can get the matcha:

This is where you can get the bamboo set:

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