Tea Source Rare Orchid Oolong


The dry leaves are black and have a sawdust/leafy smell. They are varying in size.



The wet leaves have a sawdust and woody smell. The size of the leaves is varying from an inches to quarter of an inch. They are deep chocolate brown in color with a few dark olive green highlights here and there. There are a few stems and the leaves are still very strong. I would say it will last at least another three infusions.


The liquor is a caramel color and a sawdust taste. It seems like it wants to be brisk (Only on top of the tongue), but holds back. There is an earthy taste in the back of the mouth that builds up. It is very complex.

Overall, it was good. I would buy, drink and recommend it. Unfortunately, I am unable to find it for purchase online. I suppose “rare” should have been an indication that would be.

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