My First Cruise!! Day One

My boyfriend and I had never been on cruises before. So, we were pretty excited about going on our first cruise…and together! We’re both a bit camera shy, so you won’t see a lot of photos of us. But, here are some insights into our trip! Think of it as a review and some suggestions, in case you are thinking about booking a cruise!

We booked The Norwegian Sky, which sailed out of Miami. We flew from Baltimore to Miami at O’Dark thirty in the morning and landed around nine in the morning. There was a shuttle that we used to get from the airport to the port ( It was $22 per person, but it was easier than renting a car and paying for parking. I understand it was cheaper than a Taxi, also ($75+). Later, we were told by some passengers that Uber was a good option and they only paid about thirty dollars to get to port from the same airport.

Once we arrived, the process was pretty simple. We processed in, took a photo, showed our passports and filled out a form. Then, we were put on the ship. It was around noon, but our rooms weren’t ready until 2:30. We ate a little bit while we waited. And then…
The room was great! We knew it would be small and were surprised at how much larger it was than expected (we had a balcony). The shower had a soap and shampoo dispenser mounted in and was a bit small. But, I did like it. I had all the space I needed, which isn’t usually much. There is also a soap dispenser mounted next to the sink. The lighting wasn’t horrible, if you prefer to do your makeup in the bathroom.

There were two rainbows when we left, which I took as a good sign! And here is the view of Miami, from the deck.

My fellow spoonies with tummy issues will be happy to know that even I was able to get full from the buffet that night. There were all kinds of meat and veggie options. They had fruit, salad and desserts, too! The traffic in the line is kinda hectic, so make sure you are prepared to wait, just a bit. Also, if you have an Anxiety disorder, you might be interested to know that some people like to stand closer than others in said line.

After an exciting day, I was very tired! You have to get “your sea legs”, but the water is almost soothing (sometimes) while you are trying to sleep. But, the most important part is done. We’re here!!  😉

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