My First Cruise!! Day Two

Day two of our cruise started with the breakfast buffet. The line wasn’t very long and I was pleased to see watermelon, eggs, sausage, bacon…well, you get the picture. Having a limited diet can be a problem, sometimes. But, the buffet gave quite a few options and I didn’t really have to separate anything.

Also, there is tea on board. There are plenty of options for water and soda…but the best option would be a drink package. Our cruise had all kinds of packages, for drinks, wifi, the specialty restaurants and spa services. My boyfriend and I got the water package, which was a dozen large Aquafina bottles for $39.95. There is also a wifi package that is $29.95 a day. However, those days have to be bought in multiple day packages. So, while you get unlimited wifi everyday, you have to pay for a three day package (on our cruise it was three days, it might be different if your cruise is longer. Ours was four days.).

After our breakfast, we headed out on our first excursion! We booked the “Beaches and Caves” tour, which sounded exciting! We took a shuttle, which met us in the market area at the port. And then we went to the first stop!
After the first beach and caves, we took the shuttle to another beach. This one had a restaurant! I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to eat anything, because the menu was rather small. But, I found a crab and tomato salad. And it was great!

Back at the port, we looked around. There were vendors with purses, jewelry, and little figurines. I wished I had more room in my bag!! If you don’t have to worry about taking a plane and live close to your cruise, bring extra bags. You can get folding totes and you might want to take some souvenirs home!20151201_153243
We had an amazing time! The beaches were so beautiful and it was great to see the island! The tour guide was VERY nice and accommodating! At one point I had found a coconut that had fallen from the tree and wanted to see if there was water inside. The staff at the restaurant and the tour guides were great about opening up the coconut for me and very nice when we found out it was dry and empty inside.

And when we got back? A surprise that made me smile from ear to ear and squeal with a delight usually reserved for puppies and tea!!

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