My First Cruise!! Day Three

Yay, Breakfast!!
And some tea!!
It might be fannings and dust…and it looks like mud. But, it wasn’t horrible. And that’s the best I can say.

Our excursion for the day was Atlantis! We got to walk through the resort and explore, which was great!! They had all kinds of art and sculptures.
We walked by the casino and passed restaurants and exhibits to get to the beach.20151202_11130020151202_11263020151202_111440
The beach was great, but the current was really strong. So, we didn’t really go in the water. If you book this excursion, I would recommend asking about the undertow, first. Or asking if you can add the beach access after you get to Atlantis and look around. It was only forty dollars more to add the beach (for two people), but it only sounds like a deal when you think you will use it. When you don’t, you think of everything else you could have done with that money!

But, we were able to see all kinds of animals and played a bit in the casino!
I even got to pet a couple sea cucumbers, a starfish and a conch!
And then we came back to this!! I literally lost my shit!! We named him Ralph!!
And this was our late night snack!! Pretty good, considering that usually late night snacks are pizza or chinese food! And that is his and hers tea!! I think I’m slowly helping him along!
These are the classes available in the fitness center of the ship. There is all kinds of equipment, if you like to work out!
These are the ship’s newsletters! They tell you about things that are available and the schedule on the ship, in case you don’t want to do any excursions. They have shows and activities, all the time! There is always a party or comedian, a show or a game! And if you don’t like any of that, there is the casino! Rather stay in your room? There is a channel that only runs movies! You also have access to BBC World and the ship’s channels (which have information about the crew, excursions and safety). The whole ship is a party, no matter what you like!!

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