All Good Things…

We woke up pretty early, to get ready to leave the ship. The crew kept saying that disembarkation would be easy, but we were worried about lines, customs, etc. None of it was a problem.

We finished our packing, made our way to the exit and just walked through! We walked through the exit, where they scan your cards to disembark. Then, through customs…but that was just handing our passports and declaration sheets to an agent. Then, we went to wait for our ride to the airport. We didn’t wait long, at all! We got to the airport and waited about an hour and a half for our flights. Then, flew home.

I have to admit that I have hated Maryland, ever since I moved here. But, once we got back…I hated it a little less. After all, it’s where we live. It’s our home. I LOVED the cruise, but it was nice to be home. And then I got on the road. And I hated it, again.

So, a few tips if you are taking a cruise?

  1. It isn’t as bad as you think it will be. At least, I didn’t think so. We brought all kinds of things we didn’t use. They give you hand sanitizer all over the ship, but we brought it. Wrinkle releaser, but they let you request irons for an hour at a time. Call the cruise with any questions! Everytime I called Norwegian and asked a question, they were really nice and wanted to help!
  2. Go in with no expectations. I didn’t expect anything extravagant or a lot of anything. I think that just wanting to go and have fun, experiencing everything, was part of what made it great! They room wasn’t enormous…but, it’s a cruise! I had to wait in line at the buffet, but not long and I didn’t expect a four course meal. It was great! Be realistic about what you want to experience.
  3. Book excursions! Enjoy what you can! They are fun and you get to see a lot! Don’t book anything on the island, get the tours from the ship. People get scammed all the time. And the day we were in Nassau, we heard about a couple that rented a car and got into an accident (they drive on the left side of the road). Booking an excursion through the ship makes it easier on you.
  4. Ask questions! My boyfriend googled youtube videos about the ship, packing tips and cruises in general. So, we got some advice from people who have done over a dozen cruises a piece! When we got to the airport, he talked to a couple of people who were waiting in the cruise area of the baggage claim. We found out that Carnival tends to have six kids to every four adults, so we were glad we didn’t book them. And we found out that usually transportation to the port, that isn’t booked through the cruise, tends to be unreliable. I just happened to book a really great one!
  5. Think about your time on the ship. We booked a four day cruise and my boyfriend thought it was just enough time. I thought it was, too. Especially for our first cruise. Now we have experience to reference, in future bookings.

Have more questions? Feel free to shoot me an email! I have videos of some of the things we did, if you want to see them. I just didn’t want to bore anyone.  😉

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