Fashion, Smashion…

Fashion is such a strange animal to me. I’m not one to take a lot of risks, I guess. Nor am I one to try fads. Generally, I am pretty simple when it comes to fashion. So, here are some general rules I follow:

* No animal print. It makes me feel weird. Wearing leather is one thing and it doesn’t bother me much, though I don’t. I have never taken to Cheetah or Zebra print. I think bright camouflage is laughable and useless.
*No Pink. I hate pink. Always have, maybe always will. I am starting to get a lot more liberal than I was in the past (I don’t own anything pink, but more recently I considered it.). I have seen plenty of clothes I thought were cute, but couldn’t get passed the pink.
*I’m not paying a couple hundred dollars for any one item. I have never paid $100 for a purse, jeans, jacket…really any clothing. I can usually find something I like just as much for less or do just as well without. I don’t believe in any brand enough to pay that much.
*I love tight clothes. Nothing vulgar. But, I like them a little more snug than form fitting. I can never be comfortable showing too much, so I don’t usually worry about that (I wear a cover up over my bikini. In the water.). Sure, I’m not a “big girl”. But, I used to be. And I suppose I still harbor those insecurities. But, I like to show my figure a little.
*Nothing too short. I grew up in Texas. Born and raised. I’m used to seeing short shorts. But, it seems like every year they get shorter and shorter. No thanks. I don’t wear shorts, usually. But, when I do, I keep them comfortable. That’s the point of wearing them, right? And I can’t be comfortable in shorts that are too short.
*Matching. Nothing has to match, anymore. You can get dressed in a dark closet and most people would applaud you. I suppose I am a bit more old fashioned, that way. I like my purse to match my shoes…I don’t usually care about much else. I don’t usually like light colored jeans, but I also don’t like wearing dark shirts with dark jeans. Dresses are pretty much a free for all. After all, it’s one piece! And I’m not going to match my shoes to it, that’s too much matching!
*Colors. Like I said, I’m not adventurous. I like neutral colors that can be mixed and matched. So, I usually go with black, white and brown. But, I throw in color here and there. Maybe a blue or something that just looks nice, overall. But, I don’t like crazy colors. Like I said…pink.

I think fashion is just what makes you comfortable. I like easy, simple, classic and sophisticated looks. I guess you can teach an old dog some tricks…but, the good ones stay the same. 😉

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