The Pasión Bahama Holiday Blend

he dry leaves have a very strong cardamom smell. There is a slight smell of nutmeg, also and the blend seems to favor the spices. the black leaves look consistent, but seem to be an after thought.

he wet leaves smell like cardamom and nutmeg. It is an overwhelming smell. The leaves look strong, maybe enough for another two or three infusions. They have a mahogany color.

he liquor has a mahogany color and a base that seems similar to wine. There are woody overtones and I can taste the cinnamon a little. The cardamom and nutmeg are nowhere, until the aftertaste. And even then, it is only a glimpse. It is only a tad astringent and only for a flash.

verall, I won’t drink, buy or recommend. I was excited to see this tea while on vacation. But, it fell very short for me.

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